Drying parsely

Washing up the parsleyYeah, I challenge you to suggest a witty and cleaver title for this blog.  I certainly couldn’t.

A portion of my garden is dedicated to herbs.  Sage grows like mad.  Oregano, rosemary and thyme are favorites.  And then there is parsley.  It grows beautifully.  It dries beautifully.  It keeps it’s vibrant green color every step of the way.  I use it constantly all winter long in many of my recipes, especially soups.

I cut it back throughout the summer and use the food dehydrator that I bought at a thrift store for $5 to preserve it.  (Yeah, that was a steal.  I actually gave them $10 because I felt guilty.) After only a few hours it is ready.   I put it in mason jars and add it to the pantry.  I typically use it all within 6-8 months so I’m not overly concerned with long term storage.    I also keep the leaves whole until I am ready to use it, then I just crush it in my hands.  It might be my imagination but I think it releases more scents and oils this way.


Patch of parsley


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  • Peggy Yost says:

    I love your blog!
    I was given a food dehydrator and it sat in the garage a few years. Coincidentally, I just picked it up 2 days ago and brought in the instruction manual, which I’m now reading. We will be trying our hand at dehydrating!!
    Happy gardening!

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