The first draft of the 2014 garden plan

Laying out the garden plan

Luscious peach bellini recipe from

Still using up those peaches…Bellinis!

Time to take inventory

Many times throughout the gardening season, I take an inventory of what seeds I’ve got on hand.  It is especially important now since I am making up my list of … Continue Reading →

A small portion of the seed catalogs I receive

Look out, here they come!


Well, the kid has a sense of humor!


Drying parsely

Cucumbers soaked in Evil = Pickles

I’m am finally getting around to sharing that Bread and Butter refrigerator pickle recipe. Seems there are a lot of variations you can do but I keep mine simple.  I … Continue Reading →

Climbing the deck rail!

I tried but it died.

Not a very inspiring blog topic from a garden enthusiast!  Yet, it is perfectly accurate.  Seems I should have spent a bit more time researching how to grow cauliflower.  Epic … Continue Reading →

Eat A Peach!