Springfest flowers


Now that spring is just around the corner, seems the wildlife is waking up too.

Well this was an unexpected treat!  Although not strictly a gardening topic, now that the garden season is upon us I thought it would be fun to share this fun … Continue Reading →

Luscious peach bellini recipe from Bellalimento.com

Still using up those peaches…Bellinis!


Well, the kid has a sense of humor!


Drying parsely

Canned peaches

Okra pod and the left and flower on the right.

There is still time!

So here we are on August 1st.  You may be looking out at your garden and seeing some empty places.  Now is the perfect time to really maximize your garden’s … Continue Reading →

Damage from squash vine borer

Collapsing Zucchini


Its a dirty job.