Local Garden Tour

Well it turned out to be a fun Sunday afternoon.  Dirt Magazine was holding a kitchen garden contest so I submitted some pictures of my garden.  It turns out that … Continue Reading →


Salsa! Sauce! Soup!

It has been a hell of a summer for tomatoes! This year I grew a new variety that I am pretty sure I will grow forever more. Last year, a friend … Continue Reading →


Whats left in the garden soup

At the end of summer many gardeners are looking around and seeing what is left in their garden.  In mine, there is actually quite a lot.  Cabbage, scallions, potatoes, okra, beets, … Continue Reading →

I’m always surprised by the carrots

I truly am.  You just can’t see what is going on down there.  There have been times when I’ve tried to grow carrots and lots and lots of greens appear … Continue Reading →

Cross country trails in Sussex Cty NJ.  Beautiful, but rather be gardening!

It’s that time of year again!

In the dead of this horrendous and never ending winter I haven’t posted anything and now that I am back in the software I’m realizing that I’ve got a few … Continue Reading →

Earlier in the spring before the cabbage worm infestation.

The losing fight against cabbage worms

Seems I just can’t quite get ahead of the cabbage worms.  Evil little things.  I had to pull 8 heads of cabbage because they were simply too chewed apart to … Continue Reading →

The herb bed is partially cleaned up.

The Herb Bed (sigh……)

Messy. Messy. Messy. This is a spot in the garden that has run amuck. Apparently sage really, really likes the soil. I have a lot of it. I give it … Continue Reading →

Freshly picked strawberries

It was supposed to be strawberry jam

I have tried to grow strawberries in my garden but the soil just isn’t acidic enough.  I get a few measly berries and then nothing so I have given up. … Continue Reading →

Damaged Eggplant 2

Eggplant, you exhaust me.

Frankly, there are a lot of things in my vegetable garden that require shockingly little care and attention. Eggplant is not on that list. It is kind of a pain … Continue Reading →


How does your garden grow?

It has been high planting season so I have been away from the blog for a little while.  I’ve revamped the compost corner of the yard, topped off the vegetable … Continue Reading →