About Us

Paul and I live in the northwest corner of New Jersey in a little cape-cod style house with a lawn the size of a postage stamp.  Several years back I decided I wanted a garden. It began on a patch of grass on the sunny side of the house and has gotten bigger and better every year since. Paul has built me raised garden beds and installed deer fencing while I became a Rutgers Master Gardener and did the garden planting, weeding, tending and harvesting. Some years have been better than others as each year presents a unique set of circumstances.  Too much rain, not enough rain, Japanese beetle invasion….you name it.  This blog is about the trials, tribulations and wonderful meals that we experience.

So I promise to share all that is good and all that is not so good.  Each year there is something new to learn, some new vegetable or variety to plant or some new pest to combat. Plus a few tasty recipes along the way.


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