Whats left in the garden soup

IMG_2687At the end of summer many gardeners are looking around and seeing what is left in their garden.  In mine, there is actually quite a lot.  Cabbage, scallions, potatoes, okra, beets, eternal zucchini, even more tomatoes, green beans….and off in a corner, a tower of lima beans that I had ignored all summer.  Sure, it got watered.  But that is about it.  It had finished producing any pods so I decided it was time to pick what I could, tear the whole thing out, and possibly put lima beans on the list of things to not bother growing again in the future.  Then I changed my mind.

The yield turned out to be a surprising amount in light of how negligent I had been.  Then I began googling and searching Pinterest for what the heck to do with lima beans.  In my typical fashion, I reviewed several recipes and then made one up.  I headed back out to the garden and cut some celery, pulled a few carrots and grabbed some shallots and onions. All of these got chopped and added to the all mighty crock pot.  I topped it off with a box of organic chicken stock, added my lima beans, salt, pepper and parsley and walked away.  When I returned hours later I was pleasantly surprised.  It smelled delicious and the lima beans made it a somewhat thick consistency.  I was nearly there.  I decided to add some buttermilk biscuit dough to the top and make dumplings.  Good choice.  My husband and I each had two helpings and polished it off pretty quick.

I’ve got more lima beans in the freezer for another batch.  I imagine it will only be a week or so from now when they get used.

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