It’s that time of year again!

Lucy in the greenhouse.  This is not a good thing.

Lucy in the greenhouse. Remember this pic from last year? BTW-This should be avoided.

Cross country trails in Sussex Cty NJ.  Beautiful, but rather be gardening!

Cross country trails in Sussex Cty NJ. Beautiful, but rather be gardening!

In the dead of this horrendous and never ending winter I haven’t posted anything and now that I am back in the software I’m realizing that I’ve got a few posts written but not published.  I recall that I just needed to add some photos and then got distracted. And then it got cold.  I’m still cold.  Not sure if I will ever be warm again but I’m still holding out hope. So, a few less than timely posts are on their way in the next day or so and then on to the new stuff.

And the new stuff is……seed planting time again!  There is actually a big leap of faith when it comes to planting seeds.  These itty bitty little things are actually supposed to grow into food and flowers.  It always amazes me but I doubt the process a little bit every time.  I bought a new pop up indoor greenhouse at the dollar store for about $20.  I’ve seen them in catalogs for a whole lot more so I am pleased by the bargain.  My old greenhouse has been subjected to too many cats using it as a jungle gym so it is now retired.

I have gotten seeds started in the hopes of getting them in my garden a little earlier than usual.  We put hoops in place in the fall so I just need to drape and secure the plastic over them to create an outdoor greenhouse.  I want those tomatoes and peppers getting a nice early start.


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