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IMG_2648Well it turned out to be a fun Sunday afternoon.  Dirt Magazine was holding a kitchen garden contest so I submitted some pictures of my garden.  It turns out that well over 20 gardens entered and became part of a tour this past weekend. So from 10 am-5 pm I guided visitors through my garden, talking about all the various produce I had grown all spring and summer and what I was planting for the fall.  The weather was perfect and I had sliced up some homemade/home grown chocolate zucchini bread to give away. The tour ended with a reception at The Mohawk House, one of the event sponsors.  Although I had to be at my own garden during the day, it was fun to meet and talk to other gardeners.

What was especially enjoyable was the overall themes of “locally grown” and “organic”.  Each gardener seemed to share a passion for environmental sustainability, quality food and being connected to the land, taking care and pride in their own little piece of it. It was also remarkable how much people were really able to grow in small spaces.  With so much abundance, many gardeners were  canning and preserving in order to feed themselves and their families through the winter.  My next few posts will be about my own canning endeavors (which includes a not so successful story!).

Thanks to Dirt Magazine for helping to build a local community of people that focus on kitchen gardening!

Homemade chocolate zucchini bread.

Homemade chocolate zucchini bread.


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