I’m always surprised by the carrots

IMG_2675I truly am.  You just can’t see what is going on down there.  There have been times when I’ve tried to grow carrots and lots and lots of greens appear above the soil.  With anticipation, I pull.  Then nothing.  Or not much.  Sometimes embarrassingly and pathetically nothing. Slim, itty bitty short little carrots.  If you peeled one layer off all the way around there would be nothing left.  But this year was different.

In the bed chosen for carrots I loosened the soil as deep as I could.  At least 12 inches, maybe even a bit further.  The I planted seeds for a Nantes type carrot.  Nantes have a medium length stocky build.  I was going for the longest carrot I could grow, just something that would thrive in the depth of my loosened soil.  This worked perfectly.  Carrots have a hard time pushing through compact rocky soil and will not thrive in those conditions at all.  Loose soil, happy carrots.

I make soups all winter long and carrots are one of my most frequently used veggies from the garden. I don’t even pull them out until I need them.  I have a carrot cake recipe that is fabulous that will appear on an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

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