The losing fight against cabbage worms

Earlier in the spring before the cabbage worm infestation.

Earlier in the spring before the cabbage worm infestation.

Seems I just can’t quite get ahead of the cabbage worms.  Evil little things.  I had to pull 8 heads of cabbage because they were simply too chewed apart to save.  I considered just peeling the outer leaves off but had to give up when I realized the true depth of the destruction.  When nasty clumps of eggs were visible as I delved deeper, I knew I was beat. They were ripped out and tossed.  It is only mid July so I have plenty of time to put something else in. Although I am having a hard time deciding.

A second crop of bush beans?  My first crop will be finishing up soon so that space will be used for something new as well.  I’ve got some butternut squash seedlings ready to plant.  Or maybe more beets for juicing? I’ll be putting in more kale and lettuce seeds soon…Oh the possibilities.

I’m also going to plant more cabbage seeds in the hopes of a fall crop.  I’ll research the life cycle of cabbage worms and hope the little munchers have peaked for the season.

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