Just outside of veggie heaven

The before pic.

The before pic.

When my husband and I bought our house over 12 years ago, the previous owners had a ton, an absolute TON of perennials.  Back then I wasn’t so interested in gardening and gave much of it away. Boy, I could kick myself now for that!  Anyway, there is still plenty of good stuff and I decided I would spend some time away from the veggie beds and spiffy up the flowerbeds.  I’ve got some gorgeous hosta, comfrey, astilbe, centaurea montana, lamb’s ear and allium.  I’ve purchased clematis, iris and catmint and received cuttings of hydrangea.  I’m still looking for a long-flowering part shade ground cover but overall I’ve spent very little money.  Oh wait, I bought some flowering baskets from the local garden store.  Those were WELL WORTH THE MONEY because they look so beautiful.

I’ve put in a shade perennial bed that I still need to “acquire” plants for.  That may take a year or two to get it looking the way I want but I’ve got a nice start to it.  There is a lady up the street that sells perennials from her front yard.  As the season wears on, the prices drop.  I’ll be visiting her soon!

The perennial beds are outside of the 8 foot fence that protects the vegetables.  I needed to buy some kind of deer-be-gone spray and was pushing my luck by not making it a priority.  One morning and a few less blossoms on the geranium inspired me.  I bought liquid Deer Fence. Boy-oh-boy that stuff stinks!  I applied it to the plants, headed inside and needed to close the windows until it dried.  Phew!  No kidding the deer won’t eat anything now.

After pic.  On the way to lookin' a bit better.

After pic. On the way to lookin’ a bit better.

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