Time to get planting!

IMG_1557Yesterday was absolutely beautiful!  Warm and sunny.  I was not going to spend so much as one more moment inside after this crappy winter so off to the garden I went.  I nearly came right back in.  Seems I was a bit lazy packing up the garden in the fall and now I will have to pay that price.  There is much to do, but the best way to eat a sandwich is one bite at a time so back out I went. Since I wanted to get the onions sets and pea seeds in the ground, I cleared those beds first. Onions and peas prefer cooler soil and air temperatures so you can get them directly sown as soon as the soil can be turned.  The peas I planted nearest to the perimeter fence so they can use it as a trellis.

I haven’t had the opportunity to amend the soil with compost yet.  These beds will get a top treatment and the others will have it turned in.  I plan on planting the lettuces and kale within the next few days so tending to the compost pile just moved to the top of the garden chore list.

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