‘Shrooms in a dark room

IMG_1554Well this looks interesting.  I went to the local big box store to get a replacement grow light for my seedlings and saw this.  Total impulse buy.  This organic fully contained little box turns out to be quite the treasure.  To grow the mushrooms you simply tear open the back panel, soak the inside bag of soil medium for 8 hours and put it back in the box.  Place the whole thing in a spot that does not get direct sunlight and water each day with only 1 tsp of water. I’ve only gotten as far as taking this picture and opening the back panel but apparently I will have oyster mushrooms in about 10 days.

I went to the backtotheroots.com website and discovered that this company is pretty groovy.  Two guys skipped the corporate career track and started this company right out of college.  Their other featured produce is a self cleaning fish tank that grows food.  And they are adorable.  Big smiles and a passion for their purpose.  These urban mushroom farmers are connecting people back to their food again which is a place where we all need to be.

I’ll follow up in about 10 days on how the mushrooms are doing.  In the meantime, I’ll be looking for some recipes.


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