Springfest flowersEach year, the New Jersey Fairgrounds hosts the Springfest Garden Show.  Local gardeners, including myself, really look forward to it.  Held in the middle of March on what is inevitably is a bitter cold day, Springfest has a way of wiping the winter blahs away.  When you walk through the doors, Master Gardens from the Rutgers Cooperative extension greet you.  Each wears a wide-brimmed summer hat and offers you free seed packets.  Everywhere you look there are spring plants that have been grown in greenhouses to be ready for the event.  Numerous vendors are provided floor space to set up displays of landscaping, hardscaping, plants, seeds, lawn ornaments, compost bins, bird houses….anything outdoorsy and summery.  Only thing missing is a sangria vendor!

I stopped in on Friday morning thinking that is would be early enough to beat the crowds.  Boy was I wrong!  I had to stalk someone coming out just to get a parking spot! After walking around for an hour and breathing in the spring flower scents, I made my purchases.  Four pots of oxalis purple shamrocks for my front window boxes and a bottle of gourmet dark chocolate balsamic vinegar to serve over strawberries! Oh yeah!

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