Time to take inventory

Many times throughout the gardening season, I take an inventory of what seeds I’ve got on hand.  It is especially important now since I am making up my list of what I will need to buy to get the 2014 garden underway.  I have not really embarked upon seed-saving yet so I rely on the catalogs that I wrote about in my last blog for my new supply.  Anything left over from the previous season I need to take a close look at and determine just how long I have had them.  Seeds don’t stay viable forever, especially if they haven’t been stored properly. I needed to throw out quite a bit that has been lingering in my seed box for a year or two.  I had ordered a collection of seeds a few years back and didn’t use any of the melon seeds.  I simply don’t have that kind of garden space for rambling vines.  I never managed to give the seeds away and now I doubt they are any good.  Into the trash they went.

After reviewing what was left, I have a considerable list to purchase:  wax beans, stringless green pole beans, carrots, celery, cucumbers, 2 varieties of tomatoes, poblano and bell peppers, leeks, spinach, kale, beets, lima beans, chard, soy beans, pak choi and onion sets.  Still considering squeezing in potatoes and sweet potatoes.  That all depends on the master garden plan and if I can fit them in somewhere.

I just looked out the window and a very light snow is falling.  Temps will be falling to 4 degrees tonight and there is a wind chill advisory.  I think I will start mapping out my garden and dream of warmer days!

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