Well, the kid has a sense of humor!

IMG_2839So, before my husband and I went away on vacation, he was helping our daughter order some various items online before the school year started.  Mackenzie did not go on vacation with us.  At age 16 she is apparently not such a fan of direct sunlight and island hopping.  Whatever.  When we got home, she had a gift for me.  She very excited to give it to me.  I was suspicious.  She had to dig in her pocket to retrieve it.  I grew more suspicious.  She then presented me with this pin.  I laughed.  She was relieved.  I laughed some more.  Apparently there was an extended conversation between her and my husband.  Would I be pissed?  Upset?  Finally Paul just said, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and the order was placed.

I’m still laughing. Its nice to know that I have a family that is willing to take a chance on my sense of humor.

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