Is there a movie about plants growing around a house and trapping people inside?

We’ve been away on vacation.  It was lovely.  Nine wonderful days in the Carribean.  Handsome husband.  Great friends.  Beautiful Beaches.  Tropical Rum Painkillers.  Life is grand.

Except for just one small thing.  When you leave a garden to do its thing for 9 days in the waining last days of summer you should expect a bit of a disaster when you arrive home.  I’ve already shared the story of the cauliflower that perished and although the tomato plants did not appreciate the colder nights, they are still hanging on.  Everything else thrived!  I mean really, REALLY thrived.  The mid-season zucchini has a ton of flowers, the pumpkins are vining like mad and I discovered nice sized watermelons that did not exist before I left….but then there are the beans.  Kentucky pole beans to be specific.  They had a slow start.  So I planted more.  (Yeah, this is where the scary music soundtrack starts to play). Seems all the seeds germinated, rooted and shot up the tower quick as you please.  Up the deck rails, around other plants, whatever it could reach it is growing on.  We may be in danger of being trapped in the house.  I will need at least an hour to pick all of them and another hour or two to freeze them. Green beans aren’t really on my list of favorite veggies, but I don’t mind them in a winter soup.  Seems like it might be time to make a pot of that soon!

Climbing the deck rail!

Climbing the deck rail!

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