I tried but it died.

Not a very inspiring blog topic from a garden enthusiast!  Yet, it is perfectly accurate.  Seems I should have spent a bit more time researching how to grow cauliflower.  Epic fail.  It was coming along nicely I thought.  Then I close pinned up the leaves over the heads to blanch them white and left for vacation.  There was enough sun and rain to keep things going but over all it was simply to hot for them. They perished.  It appears they suffered horribly.

We left for vacation and came back a week and a half later in the dark of night.  When I ventured to the garden the next morning much had changed.  As I wandered down the steps from the deck a disturbing smell became apparent.  It didn’t take long to discover that dying members of the brassica family smell like…well, death. Like severely overcooked broccoli.  Yeah, that smell.

I didn’t pause for a picture.  I declared it a loss and pulled the plants pronto. Into the compost pile they went.

Moral of the story:  Sow seeds inside in the very early spring.  Transplant when the weather is cool and fertilize regularly so they get up to full size before the intense heat of summer.  They should fare better next year.


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  • Peggy Yost says:

    Awww, those poor cauliflower plants missed you. See, you never should leave your babies home while you island hop!!

    I will be posting about Scorpios, you bet!


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